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Determining When Pump Outs Are Needed

on Friday, 01 September 2017.

We are frequently asked how often tanks need to be pumped out. Pumping out your tanks has more to do with effluent levels than it does time. When we come out for Monitoring and Maintenance inspections we measure the levels of both the scum and sludge in each compartment of the tanks, to determine if they are high enough to require pumping. Once the scum and sludge in your tanks reach a certain level, it's time to pump. When we sludge judge a system, it's very easy to see what the levels are, as you can tell by the photo below. As you might have guessed, the levels in this particular tank are well within the operational limits, and it does not need to be pumped at this time. 
Some things that can increase the need for more frequent pump outs are excessive toilet paper use (this does not break down once it goes into your system) or flushing items that can clog or remain in your tanks (kitty litter, baby wipes, etc). Acme is not a pump out company, but we regularly work with some great pump out companies; you can find their information here

sludge judge photo