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Monitoring and Maintenance Inspection Site Readiness

on Wednesday, 20 November 2019.

Accessibility for Monitoring and Maintenance inspections is extremely important, as we are partnering with you to obtain the longest life possible for your On-site Sewer System (OSS). Your required inspections from the Kitsap Public Health District (KPHD) are paramount in achieving this. 

When we come out to complete your inspections, all components need to be accessible and unobstructed, as we will need to inspect your OSS and all of it's components as set forth by the KPHD.This includes all tanks, panels, inspection ports, and splitters (if applicable).

Please know that we are happy to work with all of our customers, including emailing copies of As-Builts/Records of Construction if you need help determining what components you have and where they are located. 

There are certain requirements determined by Labor & Industry (L&I) that prohibit Acme from performing certain tasks while on-site, due to the licenses we hold, therefore we are unable to make components accessible while we are on site. For more information, please call our office at 360-698-8488, or refer to the Inspection Site Readiness email that has been sent to all of our maintenance customers.