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Septic Design Process

on Tuesday, 10 December 2019.

Whether it's a new design, a modification or a repair, we are often asked what the septic design process entails. 

One of our first steps is to schedule and complete the feasibility appointment, where our designer, Rod, will meet with you on site. At this appointment, Rod is able to determine what type of septic system design can be proposed to the Kitsap Public Health District (KPHD). Once the initial appointment has occurred, and you elect to move forward with your project, an email with all of the necessary items and steps will be sent to you.

Whether you are starting with undeveloped land, dealing with a failing septic system or simply trying to obtain a building permit, one thing that sets Acme apart is a link we include to an online interactive presentation which is sent to our customers. This presentation will walk you through the design process, from the initial feasibility to submitting the final Record of Construction (ROC) at the end of your design project. It includes photos, tips, required documents and other information needed from the customer in order to complete the design, as well as letting our customers know exactly what they can expect from us during this process. 

We have a multi-member team who are more than happy to answer questions and partner with our customers through this time. We fully understand that septic designs can present a wide range of emotions, from the excitement of building a dream home to the frustration of a failed system. Our goal is to partner with our customers throughout this process, making the design process as user-friendly as possible, while completing project goals in an effective and timely manner. 

If you have any questions, or wish to begin a septic design, please call our office at 360-698-8488 or click here to fill out our online intake form. Once we have received an intake form, we will contact you directly.