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Standard Pressure Panel

on Monday, 06 May 2019.

Our maintenance customers, especially those who are new to septic systems often ask about their control panels. Below is one of the more frequently used panels for a standard pressure system, but please know that your panel could look different, for a variety of reasons. 

Each standard pressure panel will have a button to silence alarms, a timer, an on/off switch and other electrical components. Unless you happen to be a licensed electrician, the silence button is probably the only component you will end up using (we will check the rest of the components at each inspection). 

We always recommend that home owners and renters locate the silence button on the panel now, so that when your alarm is going off at 2 am on a Saturday in the pouring down rain, you're not searching for it (typically, the silence button is on the side of the panel as pictured below, but not always).