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Utility Locate

on Monday, 01 October 2018.

When scheduling a feasibility appointment, our staff will ask about marking the property in white, for the utility locate. Before the first phone conversation with Acme, most of our customers are not aware that per Washington State Law, we must submit a utility locate request prior to any digging. 

Each contractor must submit their own request, so while we appreciate that customers offer to submit the locate request, we need to be the ones to call it in. Due to the fact that the locate companies require the area of excavation be marked in white, Acme requires that customers email photos of the white markings before we can submit the locate request. 

Customers often ask how the property should be marked. Most people choose to use white spray paint, however, white flags, white stakes or white ribbons are also acceptable. Please be sure that your locate markings are done in white, and not any other color, as each utility marks in a specific color. 

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